Behind the Wire

by Stand Off



Recorded November, 2015 by Ned Russin.
Mastered Spring, 2016 by Arthur Rizk.


released August 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Youngblood Records Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Est. 1997. Dedicated to Hardcore.

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Track Name: Intro
Intro bust.
Track Name: Columbines
It's a constant reminder
I can't become like you
Give into the pressure
It's something I'll never do

A constant struggle,
A fire that will never be put out.
Life's endless war against
The self you can't live without.
This rope has grown thin
I've grasped for far too long
But I know in the end,
We won't be singing the same song

As hatred has gotten to you,
It's shown in all you do
I fear it every day
I can't let it get to me
Track Name: I Wonder...
Reality fades into illusion,
Believing the shadows on the walls.
All I know to believe
Are just projections of
What others think is right.

These steps lead backward
Further away from what's real
Calling out for a god
Because that's what I've been told
Track Name: Silence
Every day I fall deeper
Into a hole I know will only cause pain
I'm aware of these consequences
But for some reason I refuse to change

The taste of the days begin to burn
The hole grows deeper
And I lose sight of the sun -
Showing me a quick glimpse of hell
Reality can't be denied
But I'll suspend this dream world

Putting my hand deeper in the flame
I don't feel it now, but soon
I'll know the pain
Track Name: Naked Eye
Whose better? Who knows the truth?
It's a stupid game that has no use
Self expression we're all the same
Searching for acceptance in the same place

It hurts me every time
It hurts me just to see
It hurts me every time
That we refuse to change

I scream out but can't be heard
Your mind's made up, no lessons learned
Preach for change be we stand still
Problems of the past never change

Ashamed of each other.
We watch our history repeat
Fighting one another when we're on the same team
Stuck in this circle where we repeat the same mistakes
I'll push against it with all my effort
But I'm afraid I'll grow weak

I refuse to just sit by
Track Name: Inflection
The story's the same
With every day it repeats through time
Everything swallowed in sand
As it's struck down in my mind

Achievement of the impossible
Seems so close but it's always out of reach
This fable of satisfaction has been told
Through time but it's all a trick
That the jokers preach

I'm wondering,
I'm wondering when this story will ring true
Every thought tears into my fears and doubt becomes the only truth

Can't live my life in this dark
Can't let the bad beat out the good
It's an infinite fight against my mind
To wash this problem away