by Disengage



Youngblood is extremely proud to bring you Disengage's latest EP. Six songs of absolutely raging Straight Edge fury straight out of Wilkes-Barre, PA.


released December 16, 2014

Ned Russin: Vocals
Justin O'Hara: Guitar
Matt Hoodrack: Bass
Ben Russin: Drums

Recorded and Produced by Will Yip at Studio 4, March 10th, 2014
Mastered by Kim Rosen on May 28th, 2014
Layout by Hannah Roman and Jeremy Dean


all rights reserved



Youngblood Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Est. 1997. Dedicated to Hardcore.

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Track Name: Should Have Known
Said you always had my back
Just another fucking trap
Who the fuck can I trust?
Just myself and no one else?

I thought we were all in this together
Fucking lies, I should have known better
I don't care who's still around
I'm fucking Straight Edge and I'm fucking proud
Track Name: Fit In
We're made to think it's not a choice
Fuck your body be one of the boys
How does that equal being mature?
Did you build a tolerance, or has that not come with the years?

Have a drink to just fit in
What an unappealing social system

How's that for no?
Track Name: I Am...
I'm fucking Straight Edge!
Track Name: Who Is Right?
Feel the pressure from your friends
They want you to be just like them

Who is right? A choice for life
Influenced by others
And actions that we despise

Pressured into choices, an X on your hand
Who is better us or them?
Track Name: Care
Won't let others tell me how to live
Fucking bullshit is all I ever get
It's not for me, just let me be
We're all the same but you can't see

Care for others, care for you
No matter how you life your life it's what I'll do
Track Name: My Choice
It's not a list of rules, a set of boundaries
It's a way to life your life, a way to be free
It's how I choose to live my life
I know its for me, I know it's right

All I want is to be in control
Life is already such a struggle
I won't life in a fucking mess
And if you can't help me I'll do it myself

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