Doomed To Repeat

by Fired Up



This seven song EP is the final recording of Connecticut's Fired Up - intense hardcore similar to The First Step, Insted and Youth Of Today.


released December 1, 2009



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Youngblood Records Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Est. 1997. Dedicated to Hardcore.

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Track Name: Doomed To Repeat
Why bother to question, you never learn your lesson
You let ignorance take over your perception
Slam your head on the wall, while you think you know it all
Every mistake made, another wake up call
Opportunities missed and ignorance is bliss
Tell me "can you really live like this?"
Open you eyes they've been shut for so long
Looking back now you see all that went wrong

Conditioned to defeat
Doomed to repeat

You run in circles, you’re going nowhere
You're learning nothing year after fucking year
Track Name: Pressure Point
I used to think it was better just to look away
What good is a voice when that voice has no idea what to say?
And the picture’s become clear, the more I know the more I fear
That we’re hopelessly holding on to a false reality

Our reaction is to divert our minds another way
I watch the pieces fall into place, the deceit is right in our face

To the lies that we got behind
To the fear that made us fall in line
Wake up
Track Name: Mirrors Lie
Mirrors lie
Mirrors lie when you look into them for the truth

Can't you see it?
Set up to knock us down

Is a reflection all we have?
Do we really know ourselves?
Is perfection in an ad?
Or on a fucking shelf?
If we look within to find truth
We won't feel the need to always chase the proof

And the lies remain the same
Track Name: Divisions
A war of words but no one here is being heard
Caught up on labels and sides
Instead of leading with our hearts and minds

Equal words spoken, said in many ways
When the bullshit barriers are broken
We all feel the same

Is this how it has to be?
Turning conversations into you vs. me
No longer wrong or right
It's just about who can win the fight

For once you could stop and listen
Let someone else get a word in
You don't have to see it as a loss
If we can both get our points across
Track Name: Overruled
Not everything is always life and death
But we race around like there's no time left
Tracing lines already laid out
We're kept in place with fear and doubt
Always asking “what's the risk?”
Worrying about the consequence
That's not the way that I want to live

Use your potential, don't throw it away
You've got nothing to lose and so much to gain
Don't settle for less just to be content
Pressure to succeed is it more than we need?
We’re getting caught up in all of our greed

What the fuck is happening here?
Our goals in life stricken with fear
Question ourselves till there's nothing say
Direction is only to face away
And all this confusion has us looking
Looking for an easy way out
Are we going go ahead and take the bait,
Sit back and accept our fate?

Your visions your decision
Don't be pushed or swayed
Your visions your decision
Only you can get in the way
Track Name: It's So Easy
Feeling pulled away from the light
Sometimes I can't always do right

It's easy to slip
It can happen so quick

I know what I've got to do
But sometimes I don't come through

It's easy to slip
It can happen so quick
Track Name: Elevate
Withdrawn, unaware,
Self absorbed, without a care
Convinced we can fill this void
It furthers what's being destroyed

Content is not a possession
And your ego's an obsession
Convinced we can fill this void
It furthers what's being destroyed

I can't take that path
We must....Elevate

Separate, breakaway
There's no way we were meant for this
A substance, or a lie
Whatever it takes to get by

Set your mind free
Reconnect to reality
A substance, or a lie
Whatever it takes to get by

Despite what I see I refuse to believe
A higher level is impossible to achieve.