Face Reality

by Face Reality



Detroit’s Own Face Reality return with their second EP and debut for Youngblood Records. Face Reality cite Warzone, Turning Point, Youth Of Today and Mouthpiece as influences and they’ve been steadily working towards becoming the Straight Edge powerhouse that they are now. We are very honored to welcome another great band to the Youngblood roster.


released December 13, 2011



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Youngblood Records Ephrata, Pennsylvania

Est. 1997. Dedicated to Hardcore.

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Track Name: Generation RX
A wasted generation, force fed and braindead
We don't need a pill to make things right. We need to use our heads
Take a look at yourself, can't you see? You're losing yourself slowly
It's time to face up to the debts that we've made before it becomes too late
It's forced inside your mind, dragging you down farther behind
The pill in your palm is the needle in your neck
(They've got you) Down in a hole to keep you in check
Another vice, another vex
This pill won't work, on to the next
Another hole inside your brain
It makes you obsessed, it makes you insane but the cure...
The cure is in yourself
Track Name: Hands Tied
"The things I see, they scare me, yet I must face reality..."
Everyone seems to be stuck on a dream
Look past your nose, see what I mean
Open your eyes and make a move in this world
We have something to lose
Crooks, leeches and addicts all over the fucking place
Don't talk the talk, walk the walk or else you're wasting space
We say we're always waiting until the right time...
And now is the time. Instead of moving forward we fall farther behind
Are your hands tied?
Track Name: Open Your Eyes
Don't see how you live with yourself
Is it just your way to rebel?
The hatred of a race is fucking obscene
Now it's time to wipe the scum clean
Open your eyes
Time to wipe the scum clean
You don't know why you hate "their kind"
Flip the switch in the back of your mind
Don't turn away. What's making you so blind?
I can't sit and watch
Not this time
Reciprocate the pain
Expose the lies
Do what it takes to open your eyes
Track Name: Seeker
The seeker of truth will follow no path
If you don't start somewhere, you end up dead last
You can't start a fire without a spark
Knowledge to gain is out there to find
Tread your own path or get left behind
The power to change is inside our minds
To find the truth you must guide yourself
Truth is near
To find the truth you must guide yourself
Truth is here, seeker
Track Name: Point Of View
Our points of view seem to be skewed
They may be different but that's what you choose
Pushed in the dark to make you seem bright
But we're coming through to the light and I...
Never thought to put myself on a pedestal above you
So what the fuck did I do?
I never meant to disrespect you for your views
That's what sets me apart from you
Track Name: Look In My Eyes
This is our city, these are our slums
Look in my eyes, see where I'm from
Creeps on the street are missing some teeth
They're confined to a corner with no shoes on their feet
This is our city, these are our slums
Look in my eyes, see where I'm from
We stick together, we're coming on strong
This fucking city is where we belong
So much history, so much soul
Land of Misery, this is home
This is our city, these are our slums
Look in my eyes, see where I'm from
When you're crawling from the bottom, you've got so much to grow
This is our city and we're on the rise
We'll stick together through the hard times