No Remorse, No Tolerance

by No Tolerance



Two years in the making, No Tolerance storm through with 6 songs of Boston Straight Edge.


released December 13, 2011

Justin De Tore: Vocals
Chris Corry: Guitar
Doug Free: Bass
Ryan Abbott: Drums

Recorded at The Edge Lair.



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Track Name: No Remorse, No Tolerance
Don't let em grind you down
Death or glory, no remorse
Tear ya down limb from limb
Stay clean, live to win
Track Name: Empty Words
Empty words
Empty promises
I know the truth

Put on an act
What you wish you could be
Can't look me in the eyes
Cuz I can see

I see right through
Track Name: You Never Learn
Choose to abuse
Use and you use
Lost all you got
Never will you fucking stop

When will you learn
You never learn

Don't say I didn't warn you
You had it coming anyway
Now it's just a revelation
You pushed me too far
And now you gotta pay
Track Name: Knew The Truth
When shit hits the fan
You can't pretend to be the smarter man
Brought to your knees by a chemical substance
And this time you'll never stand again

Knew the truth
Wasted youth
Knew the truth

Thought you had the upper hand
Never did you understand
An image collapsed by the weight of fear
Never to be rebuilt again
Track Name: End Of the Line

Tell me why you can't admit
Ruined your life injecting shit
Burnt all your bridges what's it to you?
We all know what you do

What's to say
When you can't
Change your ways

Think it's a joke I can't see
The monster forming in front of me
No longer you all I see
Is a fuckin' fiend

What are you now
Can't even say
What are you now
Less than a waste
What have you done
What will you do
When it's the end of the line for you
Track Name: Can't Help You

Sinking so low
Pushed me away
No self control
Total disgrace
This is how it goes
I'm letting you know
Just couldn't say no
Couldn't say no

You made your choice
Can't help you now
You let me down
Won't let you do it again

Sinking so low
No point to fight
It's time to let go
Can't make it right
You wanted it this way
I'm letting you know
That you're on your own
You're on your own