by Sacred Love



Youngblood's own Sacred Love return with this 2 Song Single and their Final Recording.

Sacred Love: November, 2009 - January, 2014.

Limited vinyl pressing of this single out February, 2014!


released January 3, 2014

Cover photo by Kate Frese.



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Est. 1997. Dedicated to Hardcore.

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Track Name: Paradise and Sin
When in your life do you know what's wrong or right?
What's the truth and what's reality?

Cause now I stand under a sky so blue
And I can only return the mood

Is there compromise between morales and success?
Or will I always compromise?
Should I count the rings and time my rise so beautifully?
Or wither away with no love or hate for anything?

Cause now I stand under a sky so blue
And I can only return the mood

When we face this world we'll get what we deserve
I know complacency
He sang a song for me
I can't recall the key
But his song helped me to sleep

Fight on endeavor, your words are so clever
Back to reality
Track Name: Fade Out
Unloved, I follow the sound
Play hide and seek on the streets of pig town
I'm full - What's left to desire?
I need more than bread and wine to feed this fire

Repeat emotion. Resent devotion

Is anybody living with honesty?
Got to find a way to fade out
Or is isolation my only temptation
Got to find a way to fade out

Unmoved, I'm transparent
Searching for a ring she'll fit
Under you eyes, I'm two feet tall
I lost myself in the cracks in St. Paul

Repent emotion. Resent devotion