Stand Off

by Stand Off





released August 16, 2016



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Est. 1997. Dedicated to Hardcore.

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Track Name: Stand Off
Covered your ass for far too long
Told me you'd change but nothing gets done
Picked up your slack and got nothing in return
It's about time that you fucking learned

I'm tired of apologizing for you
Sick of making excuses for everything you do
I know how it feels to be hated too
But that doesn't give you an excuse
Track Name: Let Me Be
Always on my back
Won't let me be
A weight on my shoulders
That won't ever go away

You won't go away

Don't need the pressure
Don't need a drink
I can think for myself
Don't need to be like everyone else

You can't open your eyes
Unlike you, I don't need a disguise
Can't you see that all I want
Is for you to let me be

I don't want it and I never fucking will
Track Name: Not the One
Ask for help, but where were you?
So much different when it happens to you
Step back, don't speak up
When something happens, you don't give a fuck

Always take, never give
I'm so tired of your shit
So much easier said than done
When you're not the one

You don't care and where are you now?
When there's a problem, you fall back in the crowd
Always thinking about yourself
You don't give a shit about anyone else
Track Name: Forced Down
Running fast
Towards a dead end
Problems piling
Will it ever end?

Forced down (x3)
My throat

Fought against the current
For far too long
Lived my life straight
And it hasn't paid off

Forced down (x3)

This is life: hate what you do
Feel the weight slowly crush down on you
Bust your ass, and maybe you'll find
A bit of happiness somewhere down the line