by Line of Sight



We are extremely proud to bring you Line of Sight's debut EP! 5 tracks of raging Youngblood Straight Edge.

Line of Sight features members of:
Have Heart
Red Death
Genocide Pact
Pure Disgust
True Head
and many more DC Hardcore bands.


released January 5, 2018

Austin Stemper: Vocals
Connor Donegan: Guitar
Dan Horres: Bass
Robin Zeijlon: Drums

Guest Vocals: Andy Norton

Mastered by Will Killingsworth


all rights reserved



Youngblood Records Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Est. 1997. Dedicated to Hardcore.

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Track Name: Raze
Tear it down
Knock it down
Burn it down
Level it to the ground

All the regrets of what could not be seen
Of a life that was forcing a form that couldn't be
What's left to be done when all that's left is pain
Is to push away past mistakes and strengthen what remains

Build it back
Build it back
Build it back
Build it back stronger
Track Name: Dissent
Is this our lives?
We put out our fires for the simple instinct to survive
Did we give it away? Was it ever ours to give?
Did we give away our hope so that decrepit familiarities live?
You decide

Will you sit and let life pass idly by?
Or will you lay out everything on the line
To a life controlled by fear, I defy
Dissent the answer, question the why
Bite the hand that feeds the lie

I see your fear, cured by hate, builds like brick to the sky
What is the value of a life spent behind the wall of a lie?

Dissent -- I defy
Bite the hand that feeds you the lie
Dissent -- I defy
Bite the hand that feeds the lie, I defy
Track Name: Faithless Ground
As soon as the dust settles
You will see my line in the sand
And regardless of the number of shots you take
You will never change who I am
Because this is my foundation
I stand before you like a wall
As you chip away at something that will never fucking fall

And I can see your cracks
Growing longer with time
From the hollow structure to the faithless ground
On your side of the line
Track Name: Show of Force
Dismissed for years
Heads now turned
A show of force
Lessons learned

Show of force
A lesson you will learn
Track Name: Resonance
It is told, these centuries-old stories
Burn through wooled-over eyes as it all unfolds
Modernity's light shows society's
Blighted morality through senseless fatality

I can't, I won't
Pretend all is OK and turn the other way
I must unlearn
These old ways must change

It's been sold as a scar of the past
With unspoken resolve, no longer left to behold
Once-silenced plights take soaring flight
Now they shower, sway ivory towers

For these old ways to change
I must rearrange my range
With death seared into my mind
Ignorance, I leave behind
To emerge a seer from the blind
I'll be defined

No longer can we comply
You have a voice, make the choice
To extend an open hand, to understand

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